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Podcast: Bigger Than Bigfoot

We try to fill a bigfoot-sized hole in the Repeater’s heart by stuffing it full of human weirdoes, scientific conjecture, and ass-slapping. We may not have done it, but we had fun trying.
Show Notes

Human Headlines!

Woman Arrested on Bestiality Charges After Looking for Horse on Craigslist:



Teen Arrested with Loaded Gun in Hoo-Ha



Man Lost At Sea for 14 Months Denies Eating Shipmate



Who’s Where When in Game of Thrones?



Which GoT House are you? We’re told the answers may surprise you!



Answer this decade’s burning question: Are you a hipster?



Earth’s Eight Biggest Unsolved Mysteries (?)



Did the Russians hear the sounds of Hell from a really deep hole?

(Probably not – this really sounds like it came from a movie of some sort, but you be the judge).

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