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The new Transformers 4 trailer is F***ing with me.

The new trailer for TF4 has hit the electric internet and gives us more of an idea as to what the story is. Transformers are in exile, the government is building/salvaging TFs for their own use, and oh BTW Dinobots.

The opening scenes show us that Marky Funkabunch is a good ol’ boy, a hard workin’ Midwest he-man American. If you don’t believe me, check out his co-stars a HOT BLONDE and THE AMERICAN FLAG!

In a nod to the classic series – or just as a means to further antagonize me – Prime is towed to Marky’s garage in the classic G1 Mac truck mode, albeit without the red paint job. (Would it kill anybody to make it red? I mean, come on…)

Co-stars Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer look to be giving the proceedings some credibility & are not being instructed to wing it. This trailer… doesn’t look bad. But I can’t let myself be fooled. Fool me once, shame on Bay, fool me four times…that’s Hollywood for ya.

I was starting to fall for the siren song of a decent TF flick, but then I saw that the only thing worse than Prime with his faceplate off is Prime with his faceplate off & his mouth open as wide as possible. Blurg!

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