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Podcast: SpaceBar

This week, Science Advisor Rich stops by to kick some knowledge on the freewheeling good times in the snake pits of yesteryear, then takes our crew on a tour of our solar system and gives us a quiz that the average American is apparently having trouble with. Also, The Repeater gets increasingly disenchanted with the American space program.

Show Notes:
• Glamping comes to Indy 500

• Americans ignorant about science? Pish posh! Oh, wait — the Earth really does rotate around the Sun? Never mind. But, hey, take the quiz yourself along with us:

• So how big is the solar system really? If the Sun were the size of a bowling ball, get ready for what’s still a long walk:

• Just for fun, play God (or fate or time or whatever floats your boat):


Gooood night, everybody!

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