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Go S, take toothbrush

hhgttg Today’s time suck comes to you straight from the BBC, so you know it’s cultural and crap. It’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversary Edition“! That’s right – remember the old Infocom game where you spent many an hour playing text adventure games? Just me? Fine, then, too-cool-for-school. They were games where you had to use your imagination (because, let’s face it, computer graphics were sort of crap then), draw maps, and generally try to figure out how to get out of a hole when you only had a bag and a candle (Hint: That smell you’re smelling is swamp gas – fill the bag with the gas, and use the candle to fashion a crude hot air balloon and lift yourself to safety!)

So, you have means (it’s free), motive (it’s fun) and opportunity (do it while the boss isn’t looking) – have at it!


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