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Shia LeBeouf is now an “art.”

shia_bag_optimusShia has gone bye-bye. Total deep end stuff. Or has concocted some elaborate ruse to get people to take him seriously. Either way, Shia LeBeouf is openly admitting that he owes each and every one of us an apology. He is part of a small art installation on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, where individuals can sit in front of Shia (who still wears his “I am not famous anymore” paper bag mask he wore during a Berlin red carpet event). Participants have a selection of “implements” to choose from during the experience, including an Indiana Jones-style whip and Transformers toys. Reports from those that have participated indicate Shia does not respond to questions or even speak.

Since this behavior sprang from Shia being caught in repeated acts of plagiarism, I am inclined to wonder if it is actually Shia in the bag or if he is employing a stand-in, as does masked rapper MF Doom. He’ll be there in the “#IAmSorry” show until Sunday the 16th of February, so stop by and find out for yourself. Admission is free. Bring your sweetheart.


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