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Podcast: I’m Offended!

This week, in what might be our most offensive episode to date, we install a swear jar that goes horribly wrong, discuss why a UFO cult’s idea might be a great thing or a horrible mistake, learn about bigfoot inter-species adoption, find out why Homeless Hank’s body isn’t welcomed in Arizona, and then talk about why the movie going experience has degenerated into a fate worse than Sunday dinner with your family.

Show Notes:

Business oddity: Flappy Bird!

UFO Cult backs first clitoris restoration hospital

Bigfoot Roundup

We got a tip from a listener in England:

Homeless Hank the dead Bigfoot tour cancelled in Arizona:

PETA says don’t kill Sasquatch … Texas says “eh, whatever”:

Discussion Pit
Why can’t people shut up at the movies?

Just to prove to Ben that Her was a real film:

The Clone Wars coming to Netflix:

The Conduit would pay real money to see films in  a place like this:

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