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Podcast: Obliged to Mobilize

We add a new member of the tower crew to spice things up, talk about how and why aliens might walk among us, how a toilet of infamy found it’s way to New Jersey, and then try to teach us something about World War I, which isn’t hard, considering we know nothing about WWI. Open up your mind holes and prepare to be enlightened.

Show Notes:
Aliens in Vegas!

Nazis in the News!
Iran says US run by space nazis

Hitler’s toilet found in New Jersey

Historical Perspective
Rich fills us in on World War I, which was, apparently, important in shaping the modern world, although not important enough to, y’know, teach in school.
A quick summary (warning: Spoilers)

First world war propaganda posters:


In case you don’t have time and need to know what happened 100 years ago RIGHT NOW, this might help.

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