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Nerdology talks Doctor Who with Repeater

Friends, if you’ve ever listened to our little pretend internet radio show, you’ve no doubt heard me go on and on (and on and on) about that British TV institution Doctor Who.  You could say that yes, I am a fan. But let me tell you, there are several levels of fans when it comes to Doctor Who.  You’ve got your “new” series post-2005 fans … you’ve got you’re old timey “classic” series 1963-89,96 fans … and you have various combinations of spin-off media fans.

And then you’ve got someone like me:  a guy so obsessed with the old show that he will actually sit down and listen to missing episodes that only exist via home-made tape-recordings from fans in the mid-1960s. And those home audio tape-recordings are accompanied by a slideshow of photographs taken directly of the TV screen as the episode went out live in the 60s.

Yes, I am one of those oddly patient fans who loves “Recons” … the reconstruction of missing Doctor Who episodes.

Feast Steven-Robert Jewell

And guess what, I’m not alone!

I was asked to come and talk to the great Mark Cockram on his Nerdology podcast, direct from England across the ocean!  And we had a lovely 2-hour conversation about the joys and frustrations of missing Doctor Who and the valiant fan attempts to keep the memory alive. So if you’re interested in hearing me studder on a different show in front of a guy with a great British accent, this is the place to go!


Mark’s Nerdology podcast is a really great one to get follow by the way, he covers everything from Goonies to the Great Gatsby, and the conversations are always laid-back and very engaging. I particularly enjoyed his episode on the Black Hole, since I had only just recently seen it. Wow, it’s so much better when you can listen in context!

Anyway, I really want to thank Mark for inviting me over. I had so much fun just getting to geek out on one of my favorite topics. And HIS shag carpet is much nicer than ours!  Sorry about that revolution guys, I don’t know what we were thinking!


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