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The Story of the Doctors….

Hey ho, there! Our very own Repeater recently sat down and explored the path of The Doctor using a medium not used nearly often enough, as far as we’re concerned – action figures! Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “The Story of the Doctors….”

  1. SarahPeas says:

    Oh LORD! It is exhausting! 50!? HA! Every. Single. One. LOL. Your commentary is cracking me up! Scottish! = automatically better of course! mmmmmmm …. Matt Smith. He was quirky and funny and clumsy = perfect Doctor. poor Colin Baker. Paul laughing in the background!!! Beauty! My 5 inch Peter Capldi.. that sounds vaguely dirty Ben! Wow! That kiss was so HAWT! JOHN HURT!!!!!!! JOHN HURT!!!!! JOHN FREAKING HURT! ACTION FIGURE! MUST HAVE!!!!! Tom Baker was my first too… YOUR FAULT SIR! The George Lazenby of Doctor Who.. ahahahahahaha. YOu are not right and I adore you! Beautifully done.

  2. SarahPeas says:

    I love you Benjamin!

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