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Podcast: Living in Retrospect

We discuss how technology is moving faster than society can figure out the boundaries of politeness, real-life trends being used in science fiction, discover a surprising revelation about the Jetsons, discuss what makes good dirt, talk about catholic voodoo, and The Repeater starts a disturbing new advertising trend.

Discussion Pit

Hoaxes and the loss of privacy in the Internet age.

Paul Walker Death Hoax Hoax (warning – bit of a graphic photo at the bottom):

Live tweeting airplane feud a hoax:

Former NSA head gives background interview on train, conversation is live tweeted:

12 real life inventions that “science fiction is neglecting at its peril”:

How to… disappear:

The Jetsons Actually DID meet the Flintstones, but I think this is just a smokescreen coving the real truth:

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