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Podcast: Old Spice and Disappointment

With the news of Blockbuster Video closing down its remaining stores, we wax nostalgic about Elisabeth Shue movies, the distinctive odor of movie rental stores, the special rooms shamefully tucked away in the mom and pop video shops and whatever happened to Red Giraffe. Then we look at Bigfoot hunting gone horribly wrong, and start to wish that the bigfeet would just start shooting back. 

Show Notes:
Discussion Pit: RIP Blockbuster — Is there a place for video stores anymore?
Do Rental places still have a place:

A local (Louisville) store doing it right:

Every Video Store had the video for this movie:

And it was always sun-bleached.

Bigfoot Roundup: Aww shoot!
RUMOR — Georgia Bigfoot shot, question mark?

Washington Driver Blames “Man In Gorilla Suit” For Causing A Crash:

Man Shoots Friend because he thought the friend was Bigfoot:

If you don’t want to see this movie after seeing this trailer, your soul must have died and is stinking up the joint you’re just fine.

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