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Flos Virginum – S03E46 Tower of Technobabble

We get ready for the big Doctor Who anniversary, celebrate the glut of superhero stuff about to be on streaming video, complain about the hipsters who will complain about the glut of superhero stuff about to be on streaming video and then go into why the key to the JFK assassination might have been closer to the oval office than anyone ever thought. Also, how history teaching in high school has been a dismal failure.

Show Notes:

Intro: Ben doesn’t get country music (!)
Lyrics to Brad Paisley’s “Ticks” (ew!):

Lyrics to Luke Bryan’s “Rain is a Good Thing”:


• Marvel and Netflix are ready to blow your damn mind (in 2015, so there’s still time if you need your mind for something):


(and, just for good measure, this is the past that we’ve evolved from, you freakin’ fanboys:)

“Some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. plots are lacking. Wah!” AT ONE TIME, THIS WAS YOUR FUTURE NICK FURY, SO SHUT UP!

• LBJ offed JFK? OMG!

And for a little background on the author:

“Rain is a Good Thing,” by Luke Bryan. If you play this video backwards, you get the REAL reasons behind the Vietnam War, we hear…

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