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Dammit, Syfy. I would watch that TV show.

Well, crappity-crap. The Syfy hell-beasts that brought us Face Off and Heroes of Cosplay areJh_jhcsc turning another awesome thing into a contest…and they’re dragging Jim Henson’s name into it. Syfy (pronounced: see-iffy) is moving forward with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, a clone of all the other competition shows where talented craftspersons and mediocre yet photogenic time bombs go mano-a-mano crafting fanciful mechanical puppets in a race to grab the golden ring: a job in the Henson shop and big cash prizes. Because everyone that loves practical visual effects loves to see them crapped out in a big hurry. I don’t fault Brian Henson – if this gets us closer to a Dark Crystal sequel, then it’s worth it.

Would someone please record this and edit together the 3-4 minutes of actual puppets are being built & displayed? Thanks.



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