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Podcast: Frozen Dead Guy

Towerbot set a geek snob straight, then we discuss underground real estate, stuff that happened a longer time ago in a galaxy slightly closer, rampant lesbianism at DC comics, try to make heads or tales of a fuzzy conspiracy theory, and then learn how someone’s dead grandpa became a town’s mascot. Oh, and Ben figures out what he’s going as for halloween.

Show Notes:

• They’ve made a comic out of the First Draft of George Lucas’ “The Star Wars” script. It’s…different:


• Batwoman’s wedding is nixed:

Update: DC clarifies that it’s not that she’s gay, but because heroes shouldn’t be happy:

• An email at towergram@gmail.com from listener Cynthia suggesting that we discuss this unusually strange conspiracy theory:
Vladimir Putin The Dragon Slayer? Archangel Michael? St. George?

• The strange journey of the Frozen Dead Grandpa:

Not “a” Star Wars. “The” Star Wars.

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  1. Daggor says:

    Wait… the YouTube video… “Lucas’s?” Dark Horse! Put the editor in the corner. NOW!

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