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I liked the Dexter finale … so there.

dexter plasticYou know, I’ve been seeing story after story on the interwebs and the googles about how people hated the final episode of “Dexter.” Stories about how disappointed fans want to kill the writers, about how they say it was the worst ending for a show ever …

I’ve been thinking about it, and you know, I am perfectly fine with how “Dexter” ended!!
Fine I say!!!

Why you ask?

Well, it suddenly occurred to me — Unlike other TV shows that I have invested YEARS into following, “Dexter” ended with NO UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.

The endings to “Battlestar Galactica” and “Lost” PISSED ME OFF — because they left a ton of questions unanswered. Years’ worth of side plots and riddles and promised revelations from the show runners, all just kicked out and forgotten about.

And when we the viewers dare to ask — “Hey, what about that one thing you said was important?” — the writers and producers have the freaking gaul to say that it’s not their problem, it’s OUR problem. Because we who followed each freaking episode for years and years simply expected too much. Or it was too hard a task to answer every little plot point because they would never be able to think up a solution satisfying enough to match what we were expecting … or any number of get-outta-jail-free excuses that professional writers and TV show producers used to defend their lazy non-wrap-ups to series finales.

I still to this day get dizy with rage when I see Damon Lindelof’s smirk …

But you know what? “Dexter” left no question unanswered. At least none that I could think of. Sure the character arcs may have went to places nobody was expecting, but I had no lingering questions … like just what the F-ING HELL was Starbuck supposed to be? A FREAKING ANGEL?

Last Sunday night, as the final scene of Dexter faded into darkness for the last time there was — apparently — only one person applauding. And it was me.

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