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Podcast: Feathers and Hips

playskool-kota-robotic-triceratops-dinosaur-1Podcast Link Here: Feathers and Hips (The Conduit took something called a “vacation” and I can’t find the player plugin for wordpress…just click the link, buddy. We’ll make it pretty later.)
(Update: I’m back, Baby!)

We ponder the mighty dinosaur, get into a fight about whether or not they had feathers, discuss what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, famous robot dinosaurs of history, wonder if the dinosaurs wondered about stuff, and then manage to take it to a whole other level.

Show notes:

It’s Jurassic Park’s 20th anniversary, and science of Dinos has changed a bit in that time: http://www.livescience.com/37297-science-of-jurassic-park-evolved.html

Kentucky Slim has a question (about the dino-pocalypse)

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