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Podcast: Pros and Cons – S03E32

Daggor gives us his report on the 2013 Fandom Fest in Louisville (spoiler alert: a lot of people, including a former doctor and two former captains weren’t happy). We then look at the latest Doctor Who, and see if we approve. Then, just when you think the story of the “homeless Hank” bigfoot couldn’t get any more strange, it really, really, really does.

Show Notes:

FandomFest 2013 (Things did not go well….)

Colin Baker’s Twitter Feed: @SawbonesHex

Barrowman Panel (NSFW!):

Shatner Panel:

Comments about Fandomfest collected at Reddit:



The 12th Doctor

Interesting take on the selection of the modern doctors:


The new doctor almost gave up at one point – keep your dreams, kids!


Bigfoot Roundup

Just when you think you’ve hit the bottom of crazy, there’s a whole new sub level of crazy:


If Captain Jack ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy:

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