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Holy Fraggaroley! Calamity!

Some bastich over at DC thought it would be cute if they started messin’ with the Lobo_ruined_foreverMAIN MAN from their own funnybooks.  While still reeling from the bizzaro-casting of Ben Affleck as … Batman, a smaller but still bug-nuts crazy reveal popped up on the electric internets today. DC is re-introducing fan favorite character Lobo by, seemingly, removing everything about him that was awesome. While I am judging this before seeing the final product, I feel I have seen enough, and that’s reason enough for DC to rethink this. Look at the new design for Lobo. Go read an interview with writer Marguerite Bennett. The article calls her a “female writer” right off the top, which is unfortunate – a writer’s gender shouldn’t be brought up as an issue. My concern is that it sounds like she has no idea how to write for Lobo.  Her quote from the interview:

The surest way to miss the mark of what is “cool” or “badass” is to focus on those words and concepts. If you miss a target in archery, it’s because you were thinking too much about the target, and not enough about what you were doing to hit the target.

No mention here of what Lobo is – he’s a PARODY of “badass” macho action heroes in comic and film. He’s a raunchy, obnoxious, violent anti-hero, and removing those aspects from him makes him NOT Lobo. She mentions more than once that she writes “creepy.” Lobo isn’t “creepy.” He isn’t a slender, young emo assassin that nice women would like to have a roll in the hay with if only they could tame the rouge…He’s a dangerous sociopath with a great sense of humor that shoots quips as fast as he expends ammo. I suspect that this isn’t all Bennett’s idea. Lobo is a hard sell, and as a result is not very valuable. You can’t make a proper Lobo film that isn’t a hard R, complete with gore, foul language, substance abuse and a touch of gratuitous sex. This smells to me to be an attempt to turn the trademarked name “Lobo” into something that a wide audience would want to see in a theater near you… Lobo, as played by Ryan Reynolds.

There is always a need to remember the past with things like this. Michael Keaton was an unpopular choice for Batman until he proved himself… same for Heath Ledger’s Joker… but sometimes you can tell when DC is flying too close to the sun. Lobo has changed from his original incarnation… but had already developed to the point where he was perfect. Leave him be and build your franchise aimed at 13-to-25-year-olds somewhere else.

If this version of Lobo is a fake-out just to get everyone’s attention, then that’s just a cheap ploy. I’d rather just see Lobo done right.


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