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Roundup: The Summer So Far

Whew! It’s been an action-packed summer movie season, filled with explosions, people dying horribly and Shakespeare. I’ve been reviewing stuff as fast as I can for our good buddies over at Movie Meltdown, so here’s what we’ve got so far. Still really, really looking forward to Pacific Rim

Oh, and do try to see Much Ado About Nothing. It’s really very good, and I’ve heard this will be the last week of it’s run locally. Fast cars, zombies, zombies driving fast cars and all the rest will still be there….

Much Ado About Nothing

World War Z

This is the End

Fast & Furious 6

Man of Steel

Star Trek Into Darkness

Iron Man 3’s-hero-our-world-

(Quick update: The Lone Ranger, which just stank of flop in the trailer, is currently pulling a decidedly non-fresh 25% rating on Our own Kentucky Slim has promised to take one for the team and watch this one for us, and give a “Kneejerk Reaction” in an upcoming episode.)

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