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Podcast: Legal Excess

We examine some recent cases of government going berserk, and then people going berserk on an individual basis. Also, there might be evidence that the Loch Ness Monster may be all Scotland’s fault. Then, we pick back up the strange case of a redneck cult of personality that may or may not have a bigfoot body count.

Quick note from The Conduit: If we sound different (and hopefully better) this week, it’s because we splurged on some new microphones and equipment here at the tower. It’s also what The Repeater is referring to in this week’s stinger. Honest.

Show Notes:

• We get a voice mail from Bryan, the proprietor of Movie Meltdown, who, despite what you might have heard on certain podcasts who shall not be named, it not an a-hole.


Government Gone Berserk!
• Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops:

• Florida accidentally outlaws computers and smartphones:

• North Carolina tacks anti-abortion provision to anti Sharia bill:

• New Indiana Law Makes It A Felony For Same-Sex Couples To Apply For A Marriage License:

• Woman marries outside of her race, species and animate/inanimate status:

Hot for Creature!

• Is Nessie Scotland’s Fault?

• Charlie Sheen Vs. Nessie:

Rick Dyer Vs. Bigfoot Vs. Reality
Here’s just a bunch of stuff dealing with “The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World”

• All big foots should be shot:

• Rick talks about drugs:

• Remember when Rick shot a bigfoot, or a hobo, or something and promised to show the body? Don’t hold your breath:

• Rick Dyer: Hero

Hear the tail from the horse’s mouth:

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