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XBOX ONE…Is This The Year Of The Reboot Or What?

Reboot this!!
Seriously, Tomb Raider, the 1976 classic ‘Carrie’, ‘Mad Max: The Last Donut’…it’s shaping up to be a good year, and it brings me from this article that’s worth reading all by itself…(Robert Downey Jr. in Charles Bronson’s classic role in the ‘Death Wish’ series!!! Awesome! Sign me up.)

Added to the list yesterday is Microsoft’s latest unveil.
First it was Xbox, then it was Xbox 360…and now Xbox One?
OK, whatever.
It was announced yesterday the specs for latest generation Xbox, the Xbox One, and (believe it or not) it appears as though they listened to their customers…about a few things at least.



And here are the known details:

  1. 8-core CPU
  2. 8GB of system memory
  3. 500GB hard disc drive
  4. Blu-ray drive
  5. Integrated and improved Xbox Kinect
  6. 802.11 wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
  7. HDMI in/out
  8. USB 3.0.
  9. AND…of course the wacky new operating system that we are told kicks serious butt. That remains to be seen however until I actually have one in my hands, but we’ll let them have their moment. More information will be released at the E3 event in June. Until then, we have this to look at –


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