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What if the Pope Lick trestle caught fire?

Check this out!!!

At first I though this was the Pope Lick train bridge …. because it freaking LOOKS like the Pope Lick train bridge!!

But no,  it’s a train trestle in Lampasas County, Texas. Somehow the blaze started, and firefighters determined it was too dangerous to try and put it out from top of the old structure. So, they just decided to let it burn and see what happens. SPOILER ALERT: The freaking thing collapses like a row of dominos!!!

For those out there who don’t know, Pope Lick forms the southern “corner” of the Big Lick Triangle.

The Pope Lick trestle sits south-east of Louisville, Kentucky, across Pope Lick Creek. I’s a rusty old iron train bridge roughly 90 feet in the air and 772 feet long … BUT is also said to be the favorite haunt of the Pope Lick Monster, aka The Goat Man (some say the Sheep Man). The Goat Man is basically just like it sounds: a two-legged upright hybrid creature with the body of a man and the head of a goat. Actually the lower half of the body is furry with cloven hoofs for feet; in other words we’re talking about the classic Satyr-looking thing from Greek mythology. A sort of pissed off Mr Tumnus. Sightings are said to have began in the late 40s and early 50s, and the creature lures unsuspecting teens to their death on the bridge, as he summons a ghost train to scare them into jumping to their doom below…

Why, we even did a podcast all about, right about HERE.

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