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Podcast: Lift and Separate

In a slightly-abbreviated episode, we look at the hormonal minefield that is teenage dating, why cosplay armor would be a terrible idea in actual battle, and look at the next technological innovation that Congress won’t understand but will try to legislate anyway.

Show Notes:

• The hazards of flattering women’s armor
(which isn’t to say unisex is the way to go)

• If you outlaw files, only criminals will have files? 3-D printed gun plans downloaded 100,000 times –
…aaaaaand after we did the show, the government ordered the file taken down, proving that they’re not quite up on how the Internet works (to wit: If a file is out and distributed, you can’t call it back)

Female Armor Sucks – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTGh0EMmMC8

…and finally, real female warrior armor:

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