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Podcast: Chick Lit

Daggor returns to share how to save water and your dignity when destroying the bathroom at a stranger’s house, then we ponder the role of slavery in the Star Wars universe, and why the Jedi couldn’t pass the damn hat to buy Anakin’s mother out of bondage. Then we risk our immortal souls to do an audio play based on a Chick tract that deals with the evils of Dungeons and Dragons. Listen. If. You. Dare.

Show Notes:

• Fake Shower – Save water and your dignity!

• Slavery in Star Wars – Apparently, it’s no big deal:

• Chick Tracts – First, a little history
Then, an audio play of this one:

Dramatis Personae:

Evil DM/Ms. Frost: Brian

Marcie/Black Leaf: Dave

Debbie/Elfstar: Paul

Occult Leader: Brian

Debbie’s Mom: Dave

Marcie’s Mom/Mrs. Anderson: Brian

Mike: Brian

Mr. Moustache: Dave

In case you aren’t familiar with our references:

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