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(Guest) Podcast: We’ll Meltdown with You

While we were at WonderFest a couple of weeks ago, The Repeater and I were asked to be guests on what has become the Tower’s sister podcast, Movie Meltdown (step-sister podcast? first cousin twice removed podcast? I’ll admit, I don’t understand such things)! Suffice to say that a good time was had by all: We were talking about movie spaceships in front of models OF MOVIE SPACESHIPS! A geek in his natural habitat is a wonder to behold.

Anyway, it was a great podcast – also, I didn’t have to do any work except show up and say things, so that was pretty sweet, as well. Towerbot would have been on, but his reactor was down for scheduled maintenance, and we only had a 50′ extension cord, which gets him as far as the kitchen. Give it a listen, no?


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