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Confused and Afraid: Transformers 4 Casting News

I’m not really sure what this sensation is I’m feeling. The latest cast member of Transformers 4 Frasier_Capthas me experiencing a positive emotion, and it doesn’t feel right. Maybe I’ll just go with it. While I shudder to think how bad TF4 could end up being, you all KNOW I’ll be watching it in theaters. I’m a Transformers fan, so I need to be educated when it comes to what’s going on & if there’s something on the screen I actually like, then small victory. Kelsey Grammer of Frasier fame has been cast as a villain of sorts in the upcoming film. I’ll close my eyes and think of better days, like when Grammer played Capt. Morgan Bateson of the USS Bozeman. Yeah… that’s the stuff.

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