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Podcast: Live, Dammit, LIVE!

We escape the Tower to take part in Conglomeration 2013, recording live with all those who would join us. Join us, won’t you? Among other things, we talk about geek feminism, first geekhood memories, and a sure-fire money making cottage industry scheme!

Show Notes:

• We were here, at ConGlomeration 2013 –

• Our new friend Jessie was a speaker about sexual harrassment in the geek world (This is as geek-friendly a podcast as you’re likely to find, but seriously, guys? Act like you’ve seen a girl before. Some of you are giving all of us a bad name.)

Center for Women and Families –

Geek Feminism –

The Mary Sue –

• The (Local) Triangle of the Supernatural, or, as we like to call it, The Big Lick Triangle! Soon to be coming to a t-shirt near you! – The Repeater has a complete run down on this theory, and has numbers to back it up – you can see for yourself right here.


Click to Enlarge the Big Lick Triangle, if you dare…

…aaaaaand have you seen our latest “hit”?

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