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Wookie Control

If you’ve heard the latest Tower podcast below, “Bigfoot is My Co-Pilot”, then you’ll remember in our Bigfoot Roundup I was all excited because finally … FINALLY the face of Bigfoot was leaked. Nothing like a leaky Bigfoot.

It all goes back to that wacky DNA study released a few weeks ago by the Texas vet Dr. Melba Ketcham. As part of the proof for the elusive Man-Beast a short video clip was released of a Bigfoot sleeping under a tree, called Matilda by whoever shot the video.

It looked like this:

Matilda sleepy bigfoot


Compelling, eh? It’s like you could just reach out and brush her!

But somehow, this conclusive proof was NOT enough for the nay-sayers. Well nay sayer, what nay sayeth you now that the FACE of Matilda has been leaked onto the internet? Take a look!

Matilda face

 Come on!! Face!! You know it’s real!

Well, maybe.

Well, maybe not.

This image was leaked by plucky Bigfoot investigator Bill Munns, who not only pointed out that Matilda looks almost if not exactly like a certain Star Wars character, he went to the trouble to find similar poses from said Star Wars character to compare to Matilda:

Matilda compare


I Like Bill Munns!

Bill has gone so far as to issue a challenge to anyone who claims to own these images, to PLEASE come and sue him. Why? Well, simple — Mr Munns would like their lawyer to contact him so they can “… set an appointment for my receiving the service of papers, and we can discuss the matter on the public record, in a court.”

I like Bill Munns! Ball’s in your court, hoaxers!

Where was he in 2008?


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