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Podcast: White Smoke Flowin’

Towerbot discovers a new hero and a talent for rap, then we talk about people freaked out by a strange animal washing up on a beach, we discuss kickstarter, and on the occasion of the new Pope, the Repeater the about some, shall we say, less reputable men who have filled those robes.

Show Notes:

• The power of Kickstarter compels you!
– Veronica Mars Movie Project
– Rifftrax “Twilight” Project
– Fellow local podcast “Save Movie Meltdown”

• The “Beast of Tenby” – Monster, or really decayed dog?

• Historical Perspectives: Extreme POPE edition!! — Sure, there’s a new Pope, with that “new pope” smell and all, but what of some of the, shall we say, less pious Popes from history?

Okay, if you don’t rush out and see this movie after witnessing the awesomeness contained in the trailer, you are cold dead inside. Not “cool” as in “Cool as Ice,” but “cold” as in “beast of Tenby dead” cold.

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