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Podcast: Cold, Dark Nothingness

We go just a tad dark as we talk about Jedi marriage and nihilism, machines heading out into the inky blackness, mass suicides, mass hysteria, and a host of other uplifting topics. Also, information on how you can see us live at a local upcoming event. If you dare.

Show Notes:

• We’ve left the solar system. Maybe:

• Jedi could perform marriages, says Free Chuch of  Scotland:

• Baby briefly returns from the dead, freaks out funeral guests:

• We’re going to be at ConGlomeration 2013 – Come meet and greet us!
Where and when:

• The fall of the Ming dynasty – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chongzhen_Emperor

• The story of the Jewish revolt against the Romans at Masada:


• The freaky Hammer-esque story of Ordre du Temple Solaire:



We don’t really go into this, but it seems like something we would:

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