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Japanese Toymakers Know What Sells

race_queen_megatronTransformers_Kiss_PlayersThere is a Japan-only series of Transformers from Takara Tomy called Transformers: GT – these fellas transform into Super GT Racing Cars – but what’s the added bonus? Why, each kick-ass robot comes with a companion “Racing Queen!”  A fair trade-off for anyone offended Megatron’s alt mode isn’t a gun or at least a tank. For just $109 American you can have this not-available-in-the-U.S. toy and his little friend. Think that’s a little goofy? I avoided telling you about “Transformers Kiss Players,” but I’ll post one illustration and let you do the legwork. If you fancy buying some Transformers paired with girls that give them some sugar for a power up, it’s your Google history, not mine.

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