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Podcast: Illegitimate Review

We look at some real end of the world stuff. I mean, ghost-hunting, pope-quitting, rocks-falling-out-of-the-sky kind of situations. Towerbot also drops some existential bombs in our Ask Towerbot section, The Repeater continues to get his geek hole filled, and there’s finally proof about Bigfoot. The only question is if it’s crap proof.

Show Notes:

• The Belle of Louisville is haunted? The Ghost Hunter guys are coming to investigate? Good luck getting EVP readings by the highway, there, fellas!


• The Pope up and quit, yo! Prince, what you think about that?


• A asteroid almost hit the Earth! And one did hit Russia!

• The Repeater takes on the Ultimate Fantastic Four! ULTIMATE!

• In Bigfoot news, the DNA paper was finally released, and it’s all official and stuff. As official as Bigfoot stuff gets, anyway.


and here’s a sleepy bigfoot. Or a rug. One or the other, surely.


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