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Much to the chagrin of Kentucky Slim…

Star-Wars-Luke-Skywalker-TatooineThe news keeps coming in for the movie that will either strengthen the Star Wars franchise or send it sailing over a space shark. In a recent podcast, we discussed how awesomely awesome or terribly terrible it would be if actors from the classic trilogy were featured in these new movies, and what a colossal bummer or inevitable joy it would be if the story revolved around the Skywalker & Solo kids. Word has it that Mark Hamil WILL be returning in an Obi-Wan-type role, and Hamil himself seems to think that it’ll be all about the kiddos. To shake things up, I suggest the DAUGHTER of Skywalker be the main character… but… wait… Jedis don’t make babies, do they? See, this could be interesting. I could go for a movie that involves a bitter, divorced Luke crashing on the couch at the Solo house. Or perhaps crashing on the Wookie.

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