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Twitter Follower Of The Week!

First I went here…

…but then I was told to go here…

…which then sent me to a neat article here:


It’s a new species of slow loris, named Nycticebus kayan, and, uniquely among primates, they have a toxic bite! That’s pretty cool. Thanks Find Bigfoot.

They are the only primates with a toxic bite, secreting the toxin from glands in their elbows.

Slow lorises lick this toxin, and mix it with their saliva. They then use it when they bite, or to coat the fur of their offspring, possibly as a way to deter predators from attacking their young.

The toxin is powerful enough to potentially cause fatal anaphylactic shock in people.

Amazing! I mean, seriously…that’s pretty incredible stuff. And actually quite sad as well considering they were just officially recognized as a species and now they are on the endangered species list.

…the slow lorises’ cute appearance also makes them a favored target of the pet trade.

Captured animals often have their canine and incisor teeth pulled out before being sold on as pets, in a bid to protect their potential owner.

Harming the animals this way, though, can quickly lead to their death, as the toothless primates are unable to feed properly.

Great article. Still…not a bigfoot though. 🙁

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