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Last-minute gifts for the geek you love… ST:TPEZ

st_tpezEverybody loves candy, even chalky, barely flavored sugar pills like PEZ. But can a person have too many PEZ dispensers? I submit the answer is “No!” if you do not have the Star Trek: The Next Generation PEZ dispenser set. All of your favorites are here!  Dishonor Worf’s family by eating from his neck! Download Data’ strawberry-flavored emotion chip ! Spend a quiet evening in the basement closet with Troi and three refills of lemon! Even if having a miniature Enterprise-D firing sugary photon torpedoes down your throat isn’t your idea of fun, I bet you know someone who would strongly disagree!

Christmas Eve Edit!  Oh, dear. Since I have not actually purchased this item, I didn’t realize the construction of the PEZ dispensers differed from the classics – you DO NOT eat from their necks, instead partaking of the candy from Troi’s bosom. I… have to go lie down for a while.



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