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Rumor Roundup 50/50: Marky, yes – Disney, no.

Well, that was fun — and it didn’t take very long. It seems the rumor regarding Marky “and the Funky Bunch” Wahlberg being cast in Transformers 4 was true. I’m sure Paramount is happy having a big-name star attached to the film. I’m sure Hasbro is happy as well, since their profits dip when there is no Transformers film released that year. Oh well. We have a nifty new TF4 logo, which may end up being the most interesting thing we get out of this mess

Also: Disney is loudly denying it has plans to purchase Hasbro. Which you can take at face value, or wonder if there is just a need not to muddy the waters while backroom deals are made. In any case, what does frighten me is that TPTB at Hasbro are likely willing to entertain ANY buyout for a big payday. They aren’t improving the value of their brand for nuthin.’

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