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What the H?!? Disney Buys Lucasfilm!

I cannot type fast enough – what does this mean? Well, more Star Wars movies, for one. Will they be awesome? Will Lucas be involved? What the what?!!? I have a bad feeling about this. But then again, I have known to make mistakes… from time to time.

UPDATE!!! I have a copy of the “contract signing” photo, and Lucas appears to be signing against his will. His is not the face of someone who now has $4 billion in cash and stock. Time will tell! Twitter just crapped a bear and there is no end in sight to the reactions – will Mark Hamil be involved? Harriosn Ford? Chad Vader? So many questions!  This is the worst thing that could have ever happened to children of the 70’s: OUR HOPE HAS BEEN RENEWED!  Damn you to HELL, Mouse House!

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