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Podcast: Boxey’s Shadow

The repeater revamps the sound effects desk for everyone’s benefit, we talk about space, far-flung planets and plunging skydivers, and finally get to the bottom of a battlestar galactica mystery that has plagued a member of the technobabble team for decades.

Show Notes:

• Space jump – at peak, set a record of 8 million viewers on YouTube

• Scientists discover Earth like planet (size-wise, anyway) in alpha centauri system
(it would still take more than 40 years to get there, currently, though – http://io9.com/5952827/how-will-humans-get-to-alpha-centauri)

• NASA uses the film Armageddon in it’s management training program (there are 168 errors)

Packin in the Galatica Geek Hole one last time!
Battlestar Galactica: War of the Gods part 1 and 2

Don’t Wet ‘Em … Don’t Wet ‘Em….

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