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Downloadable goodness for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

More fun stuff is available for you gamers out there — more playable characters for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron! Checking out the lineup, you can see some issues Hasbro legal has had with some names. A few years back, it came to our attention that “slag,” while a perfectly harmless word, is also a slang term for “prostitute” in Britain. That put the kibosh on ol’ Slag’s trademarked name, apparently, so now we see him as “Slug.” Not an improvement. Transformers fiction had also been using “slag” as a generic curse word since the mid-90’s, similar to “frak.”  Way to spoil everyone’s fun, Britain.

“Hound” has become “Autobot Hound” for legal reasons, and my favorites – the Insecticons –  have had two name changes: “Sharpshot” = “Schrapnel” and “Hardshell” = “Bombshell.”  Kickback is still Kickback. The changes are likely due to simply losing the trademark during a period of not using it, but there has been speculation that the two names crossed the line due to the words referring to, well, exploding bombs, no matter how you slice it.

Also of note is how the creative team for TF:FoC were obvious fans of the Dinobots and took care to keep the look in line with the classic designs… but just did whatever they wanted when it came to the Insecticons. Ah, well.

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