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Transform and Roll Out like it’s 1986!

Hells, yeah! The upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game has a spicy new incentive for pre-orders. The G1 Retro pack!  With this, when you play as Optimus Prime you can use his classic G1 truck and robot modes!  In this advert High Moon re-creates a scene from the 1986 Transformers movie. Rock on!

Sadly, this clip uses the classic-yet-also-cringe-inducing Stan Bush song from the film: “The Touch.”  There are some things that we remember due to honest nostalgia, and some because it was ridiculously bad. Whenever I hear someone singing this song at a Con, it’s always in a screeching, mocking tone. Does anyone actually like this song? When (Marky) Mark Wahlberg sang it in Boogie Nights, wasn’t that the cue to let this tune rest forever in the cold, cold ground?

Keeping with the nostalgia theme, an enterprising fan has dubbed some of the FoC trailers with music, SFX and clips of the voice actors from the original show, and the results are quite appealing. Note to everyone working on modern Transformers fiction: Wally Burr worked his voice actors to death, but the results were awesome. All of these voices are distinct and overflowing with character. Double note: characters like Grimlock & Starscream react vocally with most actions – that’s what gave the 80’s animation so much character.

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