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Podcast: Kitbash!

This week, we look at the severed heads of presidents, go looking for elusive sub atomic particles, look at the battle between a lawyer and those trying to cure cancer, and Paul says “penis” at one point during the podcast.

Show Notes:

George W. Bush had quick guest shot on Game of Thrones –

(Update – The episode has been de-bushed. Or Bush has been given a weaker chin. I still say it’s an honor to have your head displayed next to Ned Stark – http://io9.com/5921357/hbo-gives-george-bushs-severed-head-a-facelift-on-game-of-thrones)

Web Cartoonist sued when he pointed out that another site was just reposting his cartoons. He replies. Lawyer currently committing internet suicide….

(Update – the fund has now been closed after raising $220,000 – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/comic-riffs/post/the-oatmeals-charity-drive-inmans-indiegogo-campaign-closes-with-220k–next-the-money-shot/2012/06/26/gJQAw9p13V_blog.html

Also, the Streisand Effect – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

The link says it all.

Excitement Builds Over Higgs Data!!

What is “The Streisand Effect”?

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