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Textbook charming

So “Doctor Who” starts up again in the fall with a series that will take the show into its 50th anniversary year. And to get things going with a bang — literally, ha ha — will be an episode titled “Asylum of the Daleks.” It is being said the story will feature “every Dalek ever” … including the original ones from the black and white days. So, therefore, I’m assuming it will also include these:

OK, full disclosure: I’m writing this simply so I can post this photo. I mean …. come on! Awwwwww!  That is actor William Hartnell, who played the original Doctor Who, just lounging at his house back in 1965. And this photo is — in my opinion — the very definition of charming. TEXTBOOK charming! If a cute little old man playing with Dalek toys doesn’t scream “charming” to you, then I think you’re probably … well, you know … into sports.

Of course this could all be a psychological ploy on my part to justify the Dalek toys that I — a grown man in my late 50s — currently have on display throughout my own home. I even got a ‘lil William Hartnell to pose with them. I know, know … from charming to sad in 30 seconds flat.

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