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Shockwave Action Figure Proves to be a Logical Choice

Botcon was this past weekend, and tons of photos are making their way online. Not to be outdone, Hasbro has been releasing official photos of their upcoming wares as well. My favorite of the bunch is this new Shockwave figure. Some issues have plagued Shockwave since the 80’s. The original toy was not a Hasbro/Takara original, instead it was licensed from competitor Bandai to meet the surprising demand for new product in the Transformers’ heyday, so re-releases have been out of the question. During the period Transformers weren’t being produced, Hasbro lost the trademark for the name, so “Shockblast” has been a stand-in moniker a few times. In these PC days, a hand weapon is a bit more iffy when it comes to family-friendly products, unless it’s a Nerf gun. All of those obstacles have been overcome here, however. Hasbro legal has the name back and the new Fall of Cybertron video gave features wacky floating Cybertronian space doodads, so why not a floating Cybertronian space doodad that kinda’ looks like Shockwave’s old gun mode?  Shockwave is back, baby!

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