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Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer is Online

We’re in the homestretch now. A viral marketing campaign over at has given way to the third and final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which opens in theaters July 20. This just in: The trailer’s bad-assery knows  no bounds.

What we learn in this trailer is that Batman apparently has more allies than ever before – police officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) looks as though he may be the unofficial sidekick, a Robin without a costume in a way. And Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) appears to be working on the “good” side as well, at least in part. We also get to see Batman and the Catwoman fighting side by side (briefly), lots of explosions, and we also get to see the Bat (his new flying transportation) in action. Bad. Ass.

Look at all the Batman vs. Bane bad-assery going on in this promo pic for "The Dark Knight Rises"!

What we know from recent reports is that TDKR picks up about eight years after the events that took place in The Dark Knight, and that Batman apparently has backed off and let Gotham’s officials take over. It’s peace time in Gotham, at last.

Ah, but then Bane (Tom Hardy) shows up, and the dude just looks and sounds way too menacing for Gotham’s police force to handle alone — talk about bad-assery, Bane has it going on. And so Batman rises again to defend his city. The trailer even offers up a nice tease by way of some ominous dialogue between Batman and Catwoman. The latter tells Batman he doesn’t owe the people of Gotham any more than he’s already given, reasoning that, “You’ve given them everything.” And he responds, “Not everything. Not yet.”

Does Batman give his life for Gotham in this film? Speculation has been that the trilogy’s protagonist may indeed die when it’s all said and done. That would be unprecedented in a Bat-film, and ballsy even for a director like Christopher Nolan. It’s going to be a long 81 days until we get to see this film.

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