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Overheard on Twitter…

• “I really don’t want to read ‘Santorum, pulling out’ again.” @kellyoxford
(Runner up: “If weddings were for couples there would be men’s wedding magazines.”)

• “I kind of want to see the new Footloose but I don’t want to spoil the sweet memory of just how badly the first one blew.” @michaeljnelson

• “Dear person responsible for sending me Walmart SMS spam, I hope your genitals catch on fire. Sincerely, Amber” @amberdawn

• “Every time I drop something, I think ‘What if I was standing over a sewer grate?!’ But I’m not. So calm down, me.” @JaneEspenson

• “Facebook goes into a bar. Then, the bar was ruined.” @hotdogsladies

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