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Netflix Rolls Out Classic Cartoons

Hasbro finally wised up. After creating “The Hub,” a cable channel designed to pimp Hasbro properties, Hasbro still has one nasty little wrinkle in the plan  –  not everyone gets The Hub in their cable package. More to the point, their target audiences are likely leaving cable for streaming content… like… for example… Netflix. So, Hasbro got with it and now Netflix offers episodes of Transformers, G.I. Joe and even the new cult hit My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (Do you know what a ‘Brony’ is? If not, then you are not a Brony.)

Now nostalgia seekers can watch these shows when they want, and youngsters can discover them as well. The added shows include the new CGI Transformers: Prime series, which is a weird mix of G1 (Peter Cullen and Frank Welker reprise their roles as Prime and Megatron), the Cartoon Network’s Transformers: Animated and the Bayformer aesthetic. It’s not bad, but nothing beats Transformers: Beast Wars, the first CGI Transformers show & the line that revived Transformers to allow it to see the renewed success it has today.

A bit of fun: the synopsis for Transformers lists the stars as Chris “Starscream” Latta and Corey “Shockwave” Burton.

Hmmm. Netflix’s best guess is 3 stars. Think again, Netflix robot that lives in my Xbox!

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