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Holy Galactica!

"…and Six Should Always be Hot"
- BSG Series Bible

Ran across this bit of geek treasure this morning – the series bible of Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galatica, where the characters, situations and other info is presented all nice for the writers of the show. While they might have went astray a bit towards the end of the series (and I’m STILL not sure if I liked the finale, but if I’m still pondering it years later, it must have had something going on), it’s a fun read.

“The key to the success of this series is to never, ever let the air out of the balloon – the battlestar Galactica lives in a perpetual state of crisis, one in which the Cylons can appear at any moment, and where terrorist bombs, murders, rebellions, accidents, and plagues are the unfortunate routines of day to day life. There are no days for our characters, no safe havens, nothing approachtng the quiet normal existence they once knew. They are on the run for their very lives.

“The series Is about a chase.

“Let the chase begin.”


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