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Podcast: Johnny Hitler

After weathering the sun’s coronal bitch-slap, we run a feedbag update, dealing with God, the end of the world and the lost star trek script, and then take a bounce on the olympic trampoline, discuss why Pat Robertson is a big old jerk, and tell the story of Little Johnny Hitler.

Show Notes:

• Huge coronal mass ejection slams into Earth –

• Indiana Creation bill is dead –

• World still being here forces Harold Camping to admit he was wrong –

•“Lost” Star Trek script to be filmed? –
and it would be filmed by these guys (who are awesome):

• Pat Robertson is a big, fat jerk (okay, that’s not really news) –

• Hey, sports fans! NBC will livestream the entire 2012 Olympics for free –

• The story of Little Johnny Hitler (or, Hitler was, among other things, a dead-beat dad) –

Pat Robertson on meteorlogy and real-estate (Warning: Your head might explode)

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