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What I Learned from Twitter This Week

The Walther P-22 Hope Edition. For reals.

1. The CURE is right @JamesUrbaniak

2. PARENTING FAIL: Dad of the Year Mass-Texts Teen Girl’s Nude Pic to ‘Teach Her a Lesson’ @publishersteve

3. Your Thought For Today: In 2011, Hostess sold 36M packages of Twinkies. Apple sold 37M iPhones…in the LAST QUARTER ALONE. @Ihnatko

4. If you get arrested at a Toys R Us for assaulting people with a light saber, time to take a good hard look at yourself. @michaeljnelson

5. Virginia Sen. battles abortion bill with rectal exams – @ayeletw

Nickelback has a twitter account – ew! (NO LINK, DAMMIT!)

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