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Podcast: Superstitions

We begin our special series, Breaking the Barrier of Paranormal Mystique, with an examination of one of mankind’s oldest bugaboos. superstition. We take a look at mirrors, count to 13, and play a little sports ball. Cross your fingers and wish us luck!

Show Notes:

Restoring your soul (never say we never gave you anything):

Friday 13th Templar arrest:

Jaques de Molay:

The number 13, with Loki story (coming to a movie this summer, we hear!):

The Sports Illustrated Curse:

The Madden Curse:

Balance bands (or, you could just throw money at us – it’ll help your balance just as much):

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  1. Daggor says:

    Ok. Sure. Wait… you’re gonna out who on my what, now?

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